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Have you tried bergamot ?!
And now I'm not talking about Tea, but about the Bergamot fruit. It is a small citrus plant that looks like a lemon. To create a bergamot tree, a lemon and a kind of bitter orange called pomeranian were crossed.
So it's citrus. And it has a bright, fresh sourish taste with a little bitterness.

In this cake, Bergamot is harmoniously combined with chocolate caramel framed with chocolate Mousse on two types of chocolate. Caramelized cocoa nibs with lime zest on a chocolate-marzipan sponge cake give a tasty and crunchy note.
A very extraordinary dessert definitely deserves a place in the line of non-trivial flavors.
Anyway, you need to try !!!
In the video recipe, you will find very detailed explanations of each stage of cooking, assembling, decorating the cake.
Form sizes, links to manufacturers, chat for discussion, detailed recipes are included in this video recipe.
A bonus for you will be a recipe for a delicious and easy-to-prepare nutty praline for a crunchy layer in the cake! And also cooking Marzipan at home!

I am always in touch and ready to share the success of your pastry triumph! Help and support in times of despair and provide answers to all additional questions!

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